The Varikosette preparation contains unique ingredients that provide health and lightness of your legs. First Varikosette cream acts as a nourishing lotion, that moisturizes and nourishes the skin. Secondly, it removes signs of fatigue and heavy legs, restore the venous microcirculation, and prevent varicose veins. Innovative technology ensures results and makes that your legs will look healthy and beautiful!

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How does Varikosette work and for what purpose it is applied?

Varikosette cream contains active ingredients such as: chestnuts extracts or troxerutin, which enhance the veins and increase the connection of blood vessel walls. Varikosette stimulates lymph flow and improves lymphatic drainage.



  • Fights the heavy legs feeling
  • Reduces leg fatigue
  • Alleviates swellings and inflammatiory conditions
  • Reduces the blood vessels fragility

Chestnut extract

  • Elasticise walls of blood vessels
  • Strengthens the veins
  • Eliminates leg swelling
  • Alleviates the discomfort


  • Refreshes the skin
  • Disinfects feet
  • It facilitates the healing of cracked capillaries
  • It gives the legs a feeling of lightness


  • Stimulates the blood microcirculation
  • It accelerates the regeneration of the walls of blood veins
  • Improves skin appearance
  • Reduces the tired legs feeling

Varikosette – Indications:

Varikosette preparation is recommended to people who suffer the symptoms of venous insufficiency or lymphatic, such as: the heavy legs feeling, legs pain or nightly calf cramps. Varikosette is also recommended for people with a tendency to the formation of spider veins or breaking capillaries.

Regular use of the Varikosette cream for 14 days, diminishes the appearance of varicose veins!

How to use Varikosette cream?

The Varikosette period of treatment depends on the severity of venous disorders of the veins microcirculation. Standard treatment lasts approx. 2 weeks. After this time, the visual improvement of the condition of the legs is already visible. Varikosette should be applied to swollen legs, varicose veins or broken capillaries approx. 1-2 times a day.


Reviews about Varikosette cream


Mariola, 28

„Varikosette cream helped me eliminate visible blood vessels and varicose veins on the legs in a very short time. It disappeared the pain and troublesome feeling of heavy legs. It really works and doesn't cause any undesirable effects. It is worth to investing in Varikosette cream”


Sandra, 45

„My legs was covered by varicose veins and cracked capillaries. I was ashamed to wear a shorter dress or skirt. However, the Varikosette cream significantly decreased all defects on my legs. I also noticed, that my legs stopped to swollen. I can recommend Varikosette to anyone, with a good conscience!”

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297 pln 137 pln

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